Constantinople, 2018


Every great metropolis shines in its own way on the world. Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, is one of them. When the sun goes down, the last of the sunlight is reflected on the Bosphorus and the gilding of the mosques while the Fairy Electricity lights on the colourful neon lights which are about to drive the Istanbul night until the early morning.


It does not matter whether it’s the Dürüm, the fish restaurant or the lottery ticket shop, they all have their tube neon made by the many craft neon workshops swarming in the streets. You don’t have to be Apple to shine in the night. To pay tribute to all these shopkeepers that make the great nightlife of Istanbul, we shot their signboards made in typographic colourful flashy neon lights.

Valentin Selve

Constantinople (2018)

Vidéo - 1 min 54


Shoot: Ilgar Gokhan & Clyde Hestanoff

Montage, visual effect & voice: Clyde Hestanoff

Audio track: Elie Monnot

Text: Valentin Selve & Julie Gil

Route (coming)
Always & forever (coming)
Textos non envoyés à mes ex (coming)

Dans Constantinople, Clyde Hestanoff traque les néons, les led qui illuminent de leurs injonctions les nuits de Constantinople. Des peintures électriques, des mots simples brillent et s’accordent avec les besoins de la rue, du passant, des passagers de la consommation ; se nourrir, boire, se divertir, consommer, acheter…

Nos rétines sont soumises aux signes clignotant de  l’offre et la demande. Et L'artiste poursuit inlassablement la texture de la ville,  son esthétique,  sa poétique à travers les mots. Des mots comme des étoiles filantes ou des énigmes contemporaines qui diraientt une grammaire secrète de la capitale de l'empire byzantin.

Julie Gil